Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ranting Against Cyclists

Earlier this week, the morning radio show of Bob and Bender with Jamie on 98.1 KVET did a little rant about cyclists in Austin.  You can check it out and also listen to a segment of the rant by clicking this link.  As you can probably imagine from the label of "rant", it wasn't a favorable discussion about us cyclists.

We understand that not everyone is a cyclist and shares our same passion for the bike, but I think some of the comments that were made went just a little too far.  Have a listen for yourself, but there was talk about being happy when Bender (the radio dj) layed on his horn and scared the cyclist off his bike.  I know it was all in "fun", but comments like that are just not acceptable.

Our friend Darryl from Loving the Bike was also not impressed and asked if he could be on air to help defend us cyclists.  They had him on the day after the rant, and Darryl was able to explain that we are good people and a mutual respect should be given between cyclists and drivers.  Our Please Be Kind to Cyclists organization was also brought up when they interviewed him and we would love an opportunity to get on air more often to discuss all the things that we believe in.

As always, we stay commited to raising awareness and increasing the harmony and tolerance between drivers and cyclists.  Let's work together to make it happen.

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