Thursday, July 7, 2011

Can Personality Make You a Champion?

This year’s Tour de France has just begun, but before it even got going there were predictions that Alberto Contador could very well take it once again.  If so, this would be his fourth TdF victory in the past five years….but why don’t people like to label him a Champion?  As they introduced him at the team introductions last Thursday….he was booed, and I’ve also seen a whole lot of smiles following the rough start he’s had in this year’s tour.  Yep, people just don’t want to give him that “Champion” title now do they?

If you’re a Contador fan, let me apologize right now for the little bit of slamming I’m going to do on him today…it’s nothing personal, but he’s the perfect subject to go along with the topic of today’s post.  But chances are, you’re one of those people who don’t really dig the guy.  What is it about this incredible cyclist that makes us dislike him?

You know how you see this super hot girl (or guy for our female readers), and once you get to know them a little better and see that they may be a 10, but their personality is more like a 3….they’re all of a sudden not so hot anymore.  The flipside is also true.  I don’t know about you, but I think that a good personality can increase the attractiveness factor of anyone.

Okay, so back to Contador….the dude is just not a likeable guy.  Whether it’s his cheesy shooter fingers that he likes to flash to the television camera, his lack of having a gentleman’s presence (made famous last year when he refrained from waiting for Schleck and his dropped chain), his doping allegations, or just the aura he gives off….his personality brings him down from a 10 to a 3 pretty easily in my books.
There’s no denying that he knows how to win cycling races, but I’m never going to remember him as a cycling champion or legend.

Then there’s our friend, Jens Voigt.  He’s never one any major race, but he is more of a champion than Contador will ever be.  How can you not like this guy? Jens is just a likeable kind of guy, and it’s pretty hard to resist his unique charm and personality.  He’s got heart, guts, and a way about him that makes people look at him like a champion….and that is how we’ll remember him when his cycling career is over.

Yes, personality can make you a champion….and it can also take it away as well.  Sure Contador might win yet another Tour de France, but it will be people like Jens Voigt who we remember.
Let’s hear what you have to say.  Is Contador a champion?  Is it his personality that takes it away for a lot of us?  Let us hear it.

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