Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Breakfast Rides with my Family

On family day, Sundays, we try to walk to breakfast from home.  Last Sunday the weather was nice so we decided to try something different, a little more adventurous. We got our bikes out and the four of us rode to Kerby Lane Café, The Original (on 38th Street).  It took us a little more than an hour to get there, we hardly rode on the street; for the most part, we rode on the trail.  It was fun and safe, I was actually very impressed how the trails communicate with each other and take you in all directions. 

Riding our bikes not only brings us closer as a family, but also encourages other families to do the same and sends a message - Austin supports the cycling community.  Sunday mornings, the traffic is light and the people, I believe, are more kind and tolerant towards cyclists.  If more of us spend more time on the street riding our bikes, officials and auto drivers will become more aware of bicyclists on the road; they will get used to seeing cyclists and they would learn to drive around cyclists with confidence.  Of course, we have to do our part as well; be kind, curios and respectful to drivers and use common sense while you sharing the road.

Please join me, I invite you to experience with your family another way to get around Austin for breakfast or brunch, come out and ride; let’s start a new Austin tradition. 

~Al Bastidas
Please Be Kind to Cyclists - Founder

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