Friday, April 23, 2010

May is Bike Month

The city of Austin is busy getting ready for Bike Month, which is May. During this time, people are encouraged to commute by bike. You could choose to bike to work a couple days a week, use your bike to run your small errands, or plan to make more time to just get out on your bike and ride. Biking is a great family activity--bike to a nearby park, cruise the neighborhood, or take a ride for some ice cream. The whole idea is to just grab your bike and get out there with it!

The Austin Commuter Challenge is an event being put on in conjunction with bike month. Please BE KIND to Cyclists is creating a team and we want you on it! To join our team, simply register for the Team Challenge and select Please Be Kind to Cyclists.  

What is it? 
The Austin Commuter Challenge offers 3 categories of competition. Each challenge competes on trips. Trips to the store, to the movies, your favorite watering hole, or work all count. Anytime you would normally turn a key, but instead travel by bike yo   u get to loga trip. It doesn't matter how far your ride, just that you ride. So weather you ride 5 miles or 50, each one-way destination constitutes a trip. For example: Ride to work 1 trip + Ride home 1 trip = 2 trips. It's that simple! Trips equal points and the more points you have the better your chances of basking in the glory that is winning the 2010 Austin Commuter Challenge!

The 30 Day Team or Solo Challenge — These challenges were designed for people who are gluttons for punishment. Who will rack up the most trips during the month of May? Who will persevere and stand victorious atop the podium?

The Bike Week Family Challenge — This seven day challenge was designed with families and beginner cyclists in mind. Get the kids involved — teaching our kids that getting outdoors and using human power is good for them and the world they live in. You do not have to be a family to compete in this challenge, but lots of families are! Does your family have what it takes?

What are you waiting for? Go and sign up! :-)

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