Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Message from our Executive Director

Today I am writing you to tell you an incredible news for you to consider covering it. This is a two part story, Remember Haifa Abubaker, the UT student who lost her leg after being run over by cement truck, she is going to be the guest of honor on our gala this Saturday and Coca-Cola who has become our biggest contributor, will be there at the gala as well, presenting Please BE KIND to Cyclists with a check. Coca-Cola is behind our programs and campaign to bring awareness and education to the roads of America, as you know the gentleman the saved Haifa's life is an employee of Coca-Cola, he too will be at the gala.

Coca-Cola is presenting Please BE KIND to Cyclists a grant check for $25,000 at our gala this Saturday, November 12th. Initially, we were approached by Coca-Cola after the tragic accident of a UT student, Haifa Abubaker, on July 3rd. The person who saved Haifa, happened to work for Coca-Cola and he let the them know about our organization's efforts to raise awareness. Haifa lost part of her right leg as a result of the accident.

*** Gala Tickets Available at www.bekindtocyclists.org ***

This is a big deal for our community that Coca-Cola is supporting our cause. Coca-Cola's grant will help fund the Victim Relief Program which is a program intended to help injured cyclists with financial assistance, emotional, physical, and legal support.

I  am looking forward to seeing you all at our Gala on Saturday night. 

Al Bastidas

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