Friday, October 7, 2011

Toronto Cyclists Union

We're all in this when we see other organizations doing great things to promote healthy communities and safe cycling, we like to take notice.

The Toronto Cyclists Union is just one of the great organizations out there doing fantastic things.  Have a look at what they wish to achieve:

The Toronto Cyclists Union is a member-based organization working to create a city where anyone can ride a bike safely and enjoyably, regardless of age, ability or location. We envision a transportation system where an 80 year old man in Etobicoke can bike with his grandchild to the park, where a mother in Parkdale with 3 kids can run errands, get to work, and buy groceries all by bicycle, where a morning commute is no longer gridlock and frustration, but a swift and safe bike ride from St. Clair to Bay Street. Getting more people using bicycle transportation for trips under 3 km is the fastest, cheapest and healthiest solution to the real challenges of congestion, pollution and rising energy prices, particularly as we experience population increase. The city developed an excellent bike plan – unfortunately, the chain fell off. The Toronto Cyclists Union is the citizen’s tool for getting the city tuned up and shifted into high gear, through discussion, education and advocacy.

Congratulations to the Toronto Cyclists Union and we wish them all the best in achieving their goals.

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