Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Pledge

Okay, here the deal I'd like to make with y'all. It's really simple agree to our terms and we'll deliver on what we pledge to do. Is it a Deal?

As a Driver I Pledge:
  • Not to drive while under the influence of alcohal or drugs
  • Not to text, tweet, e-mail, talk, or do anything else with my phone while driving
  • To give all cyclists at least 3 feet of space
  • Not to drive while drowsy, tired, or sleepy
  • Not to throw garbage and other items out of my car
  • To follow the rules of the road
As a Cyclist I Pledge:
  • To continue to do my part for the environment by riding instead of driving
  • To bring down the cost of national health care by keeping my body in top health
  • To spread my positive vibes and attitude that comes through cycling and exercise
  • To encourage my fellow cyclists to show respect and be safe on the road
  • To follow the rules of the road
  • To be street smart on the road and make sure I make it home safely to my family and loved ones
*We understand that not all drivers or cyclists can be classified in the lists that we provided here, and we hope to continue to educate and develop all cyclists into safe and pro-active riders.

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