Thursday, April 21, 2011

2011 Austin Bike Summit

Last weekend, Please Be Kind to Cyclists took part in the 2011 Austin Bike Summit.  This is an annual event that allows all Austin bike advocates and staff to get together and talks bicycle promotion, education, and strategy.

The mission of the Austin Bike Summit is:
An annual gathering that fosters collaboration and bridges gaps between Austin’s various bicycle endeavors, movements, and efforts and provides new volunteers with avenues for involvement.
The summit is open to anyone to attend and we were happy to take part by presenting along with a variety of other great Austin advocates.  Al Bastidas was part of a presentation on Bike Programs at Schools and informed attendees on all that Please Be Kind to Cyclists is doing to promote safe biking for everyone.  Also included in the presentation was:

Bike Programs at Schools
A comprehensive look at bike programming at schools including after-school programs, Safe Routes initiatives, PE 3, and the Boltage Program. The Austin Safe Routes to Schools Project will present an update on their progress to improve the health of kids and the community by enabling and encouraging children and the parents to walk and bike to school. The Yellow Bike Project will present their unique initiatives and their impact on kids who are biking to school. The Boltage and Pe 3 Program will share their current Kid Commute initiatives and expand on the impact they are making in Austin, and throughout the state.

We applaud the volunteers and organizers of the Austin Bike Summit and look forward to being a part again next year.

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