Thursday, March 17, 2011

Two Wheels: A Documentary

The "Please BE KIND to Cyclists" story is not unique.  Unfortunately there are similar occurrences and tragedies happening all over the world.  But as part of our mission, we are here to help spread the word, and prevent future occurrences from happening.
A new documentary just surfaced online last week and comes from a story that happened very close to our home here in Austin, Texas.  "Two Wheels" was put together by Jacob Ramon, a 14 year old from McAllen Texas.  He began putting together this documentary in November 2010 following the death of Roy Carlson, and just completed it a couple weeks ago.  Jacob has put together an moving film that exposes the life-and-death conflicts between drivers and cyclists in the Rio Grande Valley.
He has done this to help spread the message: Share the Road.
Below is a short trailer to the documentary, but I encourage you to take 25 minutes out of your day, and watch the full film at

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